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Misinformed student of University of Helsinki blamed others for "playing slaver owners"

A classic Finnish board game "Star of Africa" where players gather diamonds and avoid white skinned bandits, has riled up misinformed "anti-racist" - black activists of the University of Helsinki.

Reportedly, the Geographers Student Organization at the University of Helsinki hosted a game day featuring various board games. Among the selections enjoyed was the well-known Finnish classic board game, 'Star of Africa' (Afrikan Tähti).

The Finnish board game "Star of Africa," or "Afrikan tähti" in Finnish, is a classic adventure-themed game that has been popular since its creation in 1951 by Kari Mannerla. It is one of Finland's most beloved board games and has become somewhat of a cultural icon in the country.

The game is set in Africa and revolves around players competing to find the mythical "Star of Africa" diamond. Each player takes on the role of an explorer, navigating the African continent, facing various challenges, and collecting valuable treasures along the way. The game combines elements of luck and strategy, making it engaging for players of all ages.

Around last year, internet trolls began disseminating false information suggesting that the board game included references to 'slaves' and 'slave owners,' a claim that is unequivocally untrue. This blatant attempt at trolling and spreading deliberate misinformation aimed to provoke a reaction from “socially conscious” woke individuals.

Unfortunately, this fabrication gained traction and even found its way into a few mainstream media outlets in Finland. Sensationalizing the prospect of a 'racism' story, these media platforms regrettably played into the hands of the trolls, magnifying a non-issue into something far larger than it ever should have been.

Ironically, in the board game, the only characters engaging in questionable actions are depicted as white-skinned bandits, who steal your diamonds should you chance upon them.

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